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P2P (Peer to Peer) #ursula guttmann & enrique tomás

Our Emotions, like our voluntary movements, are just the result of the activity of our nervous system. Emotions act adding “colors” to our behavior. Every emotion has two components: one is the subjective sensation that we feel in our body after inputs from the environment; the other one is the external manifestation of that emotion that usually affects our physiology. Typical responses are changes in our heart and breathe rate and the increase of the activity in our sweating glands. In particular, it is well known that sweating glands are connected with the Hypothalamus, the Reticular Formation and the Cortex, so they reflect the activity our brain´s activity related with our self-conscious and our individual mental status.
A silicone-based creature is able to feel changes in audience´s skin and reflect them with its movements. The electroacoustic composition in the space will make us travel through different emotions during some time. Are we ready to make our emotions public?